How to build a Ubuntu 14.04 HTPC using Kodi

Part One: HTPC build

Today I want to show you how to build a Ubuntu 14.04 base HTPC “home theatre personal computer”.  You might say why would you do such a thing?  I started on this quest due to the cable company charging me way way to much for media contain that I could get from the internet.   So I called the cable company and changed my plan to only internet.  With this savings it will quickly cover the cost of the hardware for the new HTPC.

To start you will need to get some new hardware.  I build my HTPC based on an ASRock mini ATX motherboard.  The OEM’s website is here.  When you buy this mother board you will need the ram and a 3.5 inch 1 TB Hard drive.  You will need a Mini-ITX case to install you new HTPC hardware.  You will also need an Remote control I picked up this unit with works great with the build  HP remote.  Other units will work but configurations will be little different.

After you have receiver you new HTPC parts and assembled it you will need to install the OS and Kodi software to make the base HTPC functional.  The Ubuntu 14.04 64bit OS can be downloaded and installed on a bootable USB flash.  See this link for how this is done.  Note this motherboard is a 64bit board so if you are using a 32 bit machine to download the ISO image make sure you choose the 64 bit version.  Stay tune for the next update when we install and configure Kodi.

Note: please research your hardware and software compatibilities before purchasing the items listed above.



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